The Management encourages the students to get themselves involved in all curricular and co-curricular activities for their over-all improvement.

  • The students who have excelled academically are honored by the staff and the management.

  • Sports: Indoor and outdoor sports facilities are provided under the supervision of sports committee. Eligible sports men/women are sent for Inter-University and Inter-Collegiate sports activities.

  • N.C.C: All students except III degree can join NCC as per rules. N.C.C training is given to improve discipline and to provide priority in jobs and admission in educational institutions. It is imparted by the able N.C.C officer Smt. Geetha.

  • N.S.S: All students except III degree can join N.S.S as per rules to get an exposure of the spirit of service, co-operation, Nationalism and Humanism. They can appear for a two year NSS diploma certificate course under this scheme. Selected volunteers can participate in special NSS camp. Prof. S. Venkatesh is in charge of NSS activities.

  • Students cultural activities: The cultural committee provides a forum for students to exhibit their academic and cultural talents. Extra-curricular activities are arranged by the committee. College conducts inter-collegiate and inter-class competitions.

  • The departments conducts students centric programs like seminars from academic peers, project works, Educational tours,Industrial visits,exhibitions,group discussions etc., for improving their participation ability and academic knowledge.

  • APSNAMCC(Computer Centre) is the computer training centre which provides syllabus based training for our students.

  • Placement cell provides life skill training and conducts career orientation programs

  • Mentoring system is in action which attends the all-round development of each student.

  • Multi cornered feedback mechanism exists where feedback from the stakeholders is taken.

Discipline and other regulations:

1. Students should attend classes regularly.

2. Students are not allowed to leave the class room without prior permission from teachers.

3. Students should not disturb the class work by loitering around either alone or in groups.

4. Dis-obedience to college staff will be viewed seriously.

5. Indisciplined behavior in the library will invoke punishment. Students are liable to be fined, if they cause any damage to college property.

6. Students are not allowed to appear for semester exam if they do not possess the required 75% attendance.

7. Students should be dedicated to their studies and their involvement in other unwanted activities will be viewed very seriously.

8. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus and will seriously viewed.

9. College campus must be kept clean at all times.

10. Students are required to carry his/her identity cards to college and shown to college authorities when asked.

11. Use of mobile phones in the college campus is prohibited.

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