1. Achievements of Students:

The college takes pride in declaring that many of our students are the recipients of Gold medals from Bangalore University.


Photo of Sowmya receiving the Gold medal from Vice Chancellor in the year 2011 in the magazine of 2010-11

i) The List of such students during last 10 years are given below

1.G.K.Subhmangala Subject: Music — Gold medal and I rank in the year 2004

2.D.R.Sowmya Subject: Music — Gold medal and I rank in the year 2005

3.Sridevei-S-Jalawadi,Subject: HEP — Gold medal and 5thrank in the year 2007

4.B.A. Srilakshmi Subject: Music — Gold medal and I rank in the year 2007

5.A. Sowmya Subject: Music — Gold medal and I rank in the year 2010

6.AnaghaSubject: Music — Gold medal and I rank in the year 2013

ii) Mrs. Chaitra Prasad, did her M.A in political science, completed NET, SLET and was awared M.Phil. degree from Bangalore University and has registered for Ph.D.

iii) The Prestigious Republic day camp at Delhi was attended by our NCC cadets

1. Cpl. Anil Kumar —R.D camp in Delhi in the year 2007.

2. L/Cpl. Vivek.P —-R.D camp in Delhi in the year 2012-13.

3. CQMS Kiran. C.M — R.D. camp 2013-14. involved in presenting Guard of Honour to Prime Minister.

4. 3 SD cadets Ashish, Kiran and Praveen attended the state level Independence day parade held at Manekshaw Parade Grounds on 15th August 2013.

iv) Kumari.Sowmya.S of 3rd B.A in the year 2004 music secured 2nd prize in the classical music competition conducted by the Academy of Music. She has also performed in All India Radio – “Nava pallava – budding Artist programme” (Amritavarshini)

2. Achievements of the Faculty: Many of our staff members are Ph.D degree holders and since 1961, 24 members have obtained are doctorate degrees .

Recent Doctorate degree holders are:

1. Dr. B.Jayashree Sub: Physics in the year 2008.

* 2nd Best poster paper presentation award received from Shivaji University in the year 2012 for her research paper presentation entitled-‘Effect of 60 MeV Boron Irradiation on Silicon npn Power Transistor’

* 3rd Best paper presentation award received at National conference on solar energy and its applications-2013 for her research paper presentation entitled-‘Modification in Electrical properties of silicon photo-detector due to 100 MeV Si7+ Irradiation’ held at Maharani’s Science College, Bangalore on 9th April 2013.

* Research paper entitled ‘Current Voltage characterization of SHI Irradiated Silicon Bipolar Power Transistor’ was presented at the International conference on Radiation affects on devices and circuits(RADECS), Belgium in the year 2009.

* Research paper entitled ‘Electrical characterization of low and high fluence SHI irradiated silicon bipolar Power Transistor’ was presented at the International conference of 19th Ion Beam Analysis at Cambridge Univerisity 7th-11th September 2009, Cambrige.

* Presented a research paper entitled ‘ 30 and 60MeV Boron Ion irradiation effects on Electrical characteristics of bipolar transistor’ at- XIV International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices’ held at IIT Kanpur arranged by IIT Kanpur and Semiconductor Society of India from 19th to 22nd December 2011.

* Presented a research paper entitled ‘Deterioration of electrical properties of Si Photo detector under 150 Ag9+ ion irradiation- an in-situ study at the International Conference on SHIMEC-2014 to be held on 14-17 October 2014 at IUAC, New Delhi.

2. Dr. K. Mahadevaiah Sub: Kannada in the year 2008

3. Dr. Rajalakshmi Sub: Music in the year 2010

4. Dr. Malaligowda Sub: Kannada in the year 2011

5. Dr. D.C.Shivanna Sub: Physical Education in the year 2012

6. Smt. H.N. Usha, H.O.D of Political Science *has been awarded M.Phil degree on the topic ‘Effectiveness of development programs of Zilla panchayath from Dravidian University, Kuppam in the year 2009.

* is a member of Red Cross Society and state level political science association.

7. Prof.Maj.M.P.Prabhanjana Kumar, Principal of the college from 2011 to 2013

* Recipient of Chief Minister’s commendation card in the year 1998

* Recipient of Director General NCC (Delhi) commendation card in the year 2002.

* As the NCC officer for 26 years was responsible in getting the Best Institution

Award to the college successively from 1994 to 1998 for 4 years.

8. Prof.H.G.Ramesh Babu, Principal of the college guided 4 students to get their M.Phil. Degree in Chemistry from Vinayaka Mission, Salem.

9. Dr. Patil Suresh Bhima Rao, Prof. of Kannada: * Guided 4 students for Ph.D and 4 students for M.Phil. degree in Kannada subject from Bangalore University.

* Recipient of the prestigious ‘Karnataka Sahithya Parishath C. Vasudeva Bhopalam Award’ in the year 2009.

10. Prof.H.L.Varalakshmi, Prof. of Physics got her M.Phil Degree in Physics from Vinayaka Mission, Salem in the year 2006.

11. Smt. Revathi. V, got her M.Phil. degree in Kannada from Bangalore University in the year 2007.

12. Dr. N.C.Subramanyam, Prof. and H.O.D of Chemistry * selected as a resource person in delivering two tele-conference programs on Rural-CET 2010 conducted by the Karnataka Examination Authority, Government of Karnataka in the year 2010.

* Nominated as Member, Board of Studies in Chemistry by Jyoti Nivas College (Autonomous), Bangalore from 2010-12.

* Gold Medalist in M.Sc., Chemistry, Bangalore University in the year 1980.

13. Prof.Marina George, Prof. and H.O.D of Psychology

* Gold Medalist in M.A.-Psychology, Karnataka University, Dharwar, in the year 1985.

* Nominated as Member, Board of Studies -Psychology in :

i) Bangalore University in the year 2011 for three years. ii) Jyoti Nivas College (Autonomous), Bangalore successively for 3 terms since 2008-till date iii) St.Joseph’s College of Arts and Science (Autonomous) since 2013.

13 Prof.T.S.Ramaa , H.O.D of Music till 2011.

* delivered a music concert programme in the month of November at South Zone Network music programme.

* Awarded as the best singer award in 2005, by Karnataka “Sangita Nritya Academy”.

* Delivered a music concert programme in All India Radio National programme in the year 2005.

* Selected as ‘A’ grade Top artist from All India Radio during her participation in National Music Programme 2005.

14. Prof.B.V.Vijayalakshmi, HOD of Music till 2013,

* Delivered classical music programme at All India Radio on 3rd March 2009,

12th August 2009 and 20th August 2009.

* Rendered Music programme at All India Radio on 26th April 2011.

15. Dr. Rajalakshmi, H.O.D.of Music, presented a paper entitled “Kannada sahityadalli geya rachanegala vaividhyate” at the National Seminar on 22, and 23 rd September 2014 held at Maharanis college. Bangalore.

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